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2005, Auto, Mike's Stiffening Plate, Rad Fan, Rad Support, 5" Tips, MagnaFlow 12588, TBSS Brace, K&N
Installed a Magnaflow 12588 then a 12288

This is a stock 2005 Auto with Mike in AZ 5" tips, a K&N dropped into the stock air box, and a couple different Magnaflows using stock tailpipes.

I really like the stock muffler sound, not to loud not to quiet, but I wanted to get rid of the choke points in the exhaust and tailpipes right at the muffler, you can see at the end of the video.

I used Torca clamps, no welding, and did it all myself using a floor jack. I didn't take it to a muffler shop here in town because none of them have Stainless Welders. I bought a 5' stick of 3" od 14ga Exhaust Pipe and cut out the 2.75" Exhaust pipe just behind the converter pipe flange. It's a nice straight shot to the 3" ID Magnaflow mufflers. The Magnaflow muffler outlets are 2.5" ID so the 2.5" OD stock tailpipes slip right in. The 3" OD stainless 14 ga exhaust pipe I bought slips right over the 2.75" OD Exhaust Pipe ahead of the muffler and clamps down nicely.

The 12588 is quieter but deeper and smoother sounding than Stock. The 12288 is louder but still deeper and smoother than Stock. While Crusing both are fairly quiet and no drone. On acceleration you can hear the 12588 but not if the radio is on at much above a low level. The 12288 on the other hand you can hear even on slight acceleration, it will drown out the radio even at moderate volume, and you can really hear it on heavy acceleration. Like I said the 12288 is quiet on cruise but the sound is very noticeable even on slight acceleration.

Hope this helps some of you thinking about a fairly inexpensive exhaust system upgrade.

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