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Originally Posted by yellow tub View Post
I may sell both of my hard bags as I am trying to get soft bags instead. I am open to reasonable offers.

BEWARE of Quirkparts on EBAY.!!!!

They sold me soft bags and NEVER had them. Now we are in a distpute over fraud and negaitve feedback. Has anyone else had this problem with them?
Thanks for the update, Yellow Tub . . .

Sadly, over the years I have noticed a downward trend with many eBay sellers. Since joining in the late 90's, I sailed along flawlessly with no problems whatsoever until the last year or so and then BANG . . . three disputes (one still pending) similar to yours. Thankfully all were settled mainly because I paid with American Express. One even involved Local and Federal Law Enforcement with the seller . . . very time consuming but the end result was greatly appreciated.

I sure hope eBay Management is aware of this trend because it is definitely making me much more cautious!

Good Luck on your dispute!


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