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Bertha-2003 Red with runnin boards and a tweaked tranny, ..Indy-2005 official SSR Brickyard Pace,.

Sorry Fanatic Family... We've had our attention on other things lately.
Just got back online...

OMG Dinerman !!!! You and your team are doing a GREAT JOB !!!!
This is really coming together!!!

Speaking from experience,.. (coordinator for the 2013 International)
This event takes a lot of work to put on..
As time closes in,. it becomes a full time job.
During the event it is a round-the-clock responsibility.
Stresses build as plans come together.
Please understand that the Rally fee helps bring it all together.
It helps budget the event. The earlier it comes in, the easier it is on the Coordinator.
If funds are withdrawn, something has to be cut. Thus adding stress to your coordinator.
Don't be afraid to commit ,.
If you cant make it,. then just think of your "un-refundable" fee as a contribution to a great family.

We need to keep this site alive!
Events like this are important to strengthen our bond.
This is an awesome group of people...

New-bees or "on the fence" folks,. ....
You have Thousands of friends you haven't met yet,..
And hundreds of them are going to be in Texas.
Take advantage of this opportunity and go for it... You will not regret it!!!

All the best to Everyone

Wild Bill and Chilie Pepper.

Leading parades since 2010,. 4th of July, Memorial, Veterans, and Mother Road 66 in Springfield ILL .
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