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Originally Posted by Doug Allen View Post
Well, I still own four SSR's, including Hellvis, which I purchased new almost 12 years ago. I'm sorry you mistakenly thought I was a "die-hard" SSR owner, for it appears I have not met your expectations. I'm not sure I can sleep at night knowing I've let you down ggoat!!!.
You didn't just sell a run-of-the-mill 1 of a zillion sold a perfect ultra-rare holy grail FLAME PACE TRUCK for a MUSTANG of all things. I still can hardly even TYPE that.

I don't care how many other SSRs you own...if you're capable of getting rid of the holy grail SSR for a Ford, you just might have a little case of ED with your self-assured SSR die-hardness.


PS...when you get rid of the Brickyard truck to fund a 1984 Ford Tempo GLX project you will have officially gone die-soft!!!

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