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To Texas and back

We left 7 am on Oct 1st drove to Richmond, Indiana pretty well uneventful, except for a few verbal arguments about my driving. Late start Monday morning, was having harder time finding room for next nite finally decided on Springfield Missouri, quite a ride going thru St Louis was ready to park truck on sidewalk but we made and later while de-bugging my truck some how blew my rotator cuff. On the road by 9 am on Tuesday little bit of fog & drizzle, drizzled continually to we arrived at hotel. First Fanatic seen and shook hands with was "Larry Jones" I think I was his lucky charm to win # 14! That was just before 4 pm. They had planned to go for dinner at 4:30, changed to 5, so we would get checked in and could go with them. Then when we left for dinner I put roof down and got "Roof Ajar"so just put roof back up by that time (if you know how these Texans drive with there right foot to the floor) they were out of sight and we were lost, so with a cell call we found are way to Hucks...first time I had catfish. yummy! I remember Frank (Dinnerman) was floored by # of early arrival's, counted 19 SSR's at main hotel that nite. Wednesday to Sunday morning just went so fast but was so much fun meeting old friends and making new ones.
Started home 7:30 am Oct 8th, drove with Russ (Ross1957) , Mick (MicDonna) & Roger (Rogerdoger). Roger cut off after about 6 hrs, we stopped for night rest at Collinsville Illinois where hotel was, and adjacent to a restaurant where 05 Red was parked. When unpacking he came out we told him about, Mick gave him a Dinnerman key he seemed interested, we may have a new member. Monday morning left around 8 and at about 11:30 accident stopped us on I70 w of Indianapolis, who would of thought we would have a comedy act happen but it did... started with state trooper in east traffic lanes pulling over a car for speeding, then as he was out of car he pulled car over for using emergency vehicle turnaround, then anther truck went to use turn around and stopped in middle and stayed there, he dealt with speeder, then back up on shoulder for a couple hundred feet and got out and was waving for the truck to come over and pull over, the guy in the truck wouldn't move, officer had hands on hips thru them in air you could he was boiling and the other vehicle drove away, traffic started to move so don't know what happen but when stopped for lunch we were all laughing about it. Oh was that trooper mad! While doing by pass at Indianapolis waved good bye to Russ & Mick and continued to Ashland, Ohio.
Next morning on the road about 9:30 due to fog, did some shopping in Erie and X into Canada 3:45 with no problem, stopped at daughter place for awhile and arrived home at 8:30.
We had a great trip and memories forever.

Krazy Ed

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