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Originally Posted by nj6969 View Post
When I come to the home page, I click on user name, type the first letter, then a drop box with my name and pass word in it appears, I click on it, click remember me box, and I'm logged in all day until I click log out. If I don't click remember me it will log me out (time me out) after a little while. I don't click the X or log out except at night when I log out of everything I have open and shut down the laptop, MacBook Pro.
Well, my method trying to log on have been similar. I enter an m and if i'm quick enough it will show moscooter and I can click on it and it will show a dot dot dot, etc. pw. but when I click on log rejects me as invalid.

Next time, I will try hitting the (rember me) button before hitting log on and see what happens.
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