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May 2018 ROTM Vote

Here are your contestants for this month's ROTM!


I will give it another try. Old Yella is ours for one year now. Upgrades :
1. New SE fan
2. SE air dam
3. SE hood struts
4. SE deck struts
5. SE roof struts
6. Red caliper covers
7. SE polished Rear end cover and syn.oil
8. New coolant res.
9. SE rear crossmember upgrade
10. New ign. sw.
11. Syn. oil trans. flush and fill
and several other things to doll her up

First time doing this so hopefully Iím doing it right.
Bone stock 2004 SSR Ricochet Silver with 15,000 original miles.

The Firetruck
-04 redline with two day old custom flame paint ( thanks to the other guys insurance)
-American racing rims
-lowered 2" in rear, 1" in front
-Joshvette LED light kit
-LED under car lights
-Mike's blinking third brake light
-newly painted engine cover
-newly pinstriped tailgate
-rear spoiler
SSR Trouble

#1 Front Hood Shot with Chamelion Metal Flake Ghost Flames
#2 Front Side Shot....More Flames....but notice the exhaust header pipes...
Are they straight.....or are they curved ???
#3 Backside Side Shot....More Flames.....but notice the exhaust
header pipes.....Are they Straight...or are they Curved ???
3D Graphics on #2 & #3
#4 Inside Engine Compartment ......More flames on the underside
of the hood, plus more flames on the engine cover.
#5 Inside Cab (Waterfall) For those of you who have not seen her before:
That is what "Trouble" looks like !!
Check out the detail in the graphics.
Front & Rear Spoilers
Pinstriping all around, (check out hood & tailgate)

Trouble is loaded with electronics....AM/FM, CD/DVD (on a 7" Screen) Navagation w/GPS, Step by Step Directions, Heads up Display, Sirius/XM, BlueTooth, Pandora, Spotify, Front and Rear Cameras, Hands free Telephone,USB connection
to your iphone.... 2- 1000 watt Kicker amplifiers, 4 mid range cross-overs, 2-8" free floating woofers in the trunk, and 8 speakers in the cab.
Radar Detector and Reflector (Detects incoming radar, and sends outgoing Laser. 6 different motion and infrared motion alarm detectors.
Interior Stainless has been replaced with chrome
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