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Same old story ... wise up Guys & Gals !!! These so called "Bean Counters" take a look at them, drive em around the block a couple of times and all of sudden they become "Expert Vehicle Judges" That is nothing but pure B.S. !!! And that's exactly why we like 'em ... do you think the first Cotten Gin Eli Whitney put together was maintenance free ??? Hell no it wasn't but Cotten Farmers couldn't wait to get one. Sure GM made a few Boo Boo's but that's what makes them so collectible ... you got to be a special person to want one, just ask Dicktater, Dragon2U, BlueStreak, Mark in AZ, and a few other SSR Guru's. An SSR "Know it All" is a proud title not a slap in the face to these special Guys. There are several more SSR "Know it All's" out there, and I apologize for not mentioning you. With out you all we might be in a hellavu shape ... they are truly unpaid GM engineer's. I'll say one more thing before I get off my soap box ... they're one hellavu fun, unique, one of kind American Lansing Legend. End of conversation !!!
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