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Originally Posted by Cash View Post
Too many of us post contact info and agree it is not a good idea.
I am guilty of doing that as well but try to remember to go back and delete it/them when I think the usefulness is completed.

I can't think of better options than you have described except maybe just mailing envelopes directly to the facility and somewhere on the envelope indicate which person it is for.
Question is, is whether you want to post the location - also that after a bunch of posts that info pretty much gets lost and probably best edited into Post #1.
I think PM to you for your mailbox is best option

Best wishes to Lloyd
Ok to keep this simple and moving forward let’s try this, as Cash suggested. I will respond to a private message request for a Post Office number address that can be used to send a snail mail note or card to Lloyd “Trikerider”. I will deliver these to Lloyd and Eileen, unopened, as soon as possible. I typically pick up the mail at that box several times each week.

Talked to Lloyd last evening. He needed help trying to use his phone contacts. We figured out that “Siri” can be helpful in ways not considered previously.

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