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Originally Posted by slfwilrr View Post
Totally new to the forum. I'm getting ready to buy my first SSR. Have loved em since I first saw an ultra violet one at the corvette funfest in Illinois in 2002. But couldn't afford one til now. I'm looking for an o5 or 06 since mine has to be a stick. Are there any real differences I need to watch out for when choosing between these 2 years? Any special extras the 06 might have that the 05 doesn't. Slingshot is my first choice but if it's the right one red or blue would be a possibility. Also does anyone know exactly what the tow package consists of. Also since I've been surfing the web for an SSR it seems they're all listed thru Dealers. Are there any connections to private owners that I'm not finding. Always been a car nut and I know the SSR will be great for me since the wife has trouble crawling in and out of the vette. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, I am also on the hunt for a 2005 or 2006 6 Speed, going to look at 2 tomorrow, we should both have a lot of fun finding our truck in 2009!
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