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Actually this DOES bring up a question I think of every time I wash my wheels!
That being, how Do you get the sticky crap from the previous wheel weights, off? I got some, hate it, but can't seem to get it off.

Will also support Discount Tire. Had to have all my tires rebalanced due to wear, while at the International Rally in Kerrville TX. Went to the local guys, they looked up the fact that I had purchased the sneekers here at home, did the work, and waived by-by! No Charge!

Now back, and think I threw a weight on the way home. Still, I have no reservations about visiting the local guys here in Kennesaw /Acworth. I Do remind them what center caps cost just before I ask them if they want me to remove them, and also remind them about the torque specs. But they don't see many of us, so if they don't get offended, no bother. If they would... no bother either cause I'd still tell them both things!

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