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Conversation Between sprooney and fuzzybatman
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  1. sprooney
    02-06-2012 07:07 PM - permalink
    got the message, when you say each, is that a pair of mats right and left side or only one?
  2. fuzzybatman
    02-06-2012 05:07 PM - permalink
    yes I have mats ,let me know how many and when to ship,they are 85.00 each shipped
    thanks Kirk
  3. sprooney
    02-06-2012 04:36 PM - permalink
    Hi, do you still have floor mats for sale. Xmas has come and gone and bill are paid. Now I can get somethings I really want. If you still have some I will send you a check and you can cash it and then send the mats. Just let me know the cost of the mats and to send them to Phoenix. I still have your address on my file. I don't need you to send them for a couple of weeks as we will be gone for a week or so this thursday and I would not like them to arrive when we are away.

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