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  • mr.merlin ·
    i have an 04 with a magnacharger on it and it was tuned on a dyno years ago. would i benefit any by having you tune mine?
    Bca8ball ·
    Hello Joe,
    I have been chasing a "Tip-In" hesitation on my 05 Magnacharged SSR.
    It isn't anything major; just annoying that its there.
    Do you have any SSR, Cam, magnacharged LS2 tune files stashed?
    Using HPT I believe I have everything pretty dialed in except this tip-in blip...hoping to compare tables.
    The only files on HPT's website are stock tunes.

    2005-LS2-Mild Cam-Magnacharger MP112-Kooks Long Tubes-3" Duals

    David ([email protected])
    DELI1914 ·
    I'm planning on coming Sat ,may just drive back to the desert afterwords
    Can you tell me what I can expect if you install the cross member.?
    Seems like there is a lot of play in my steering going over small bumps in the road.
    Thanks Jim
    Askani ·

    Do you still make the A/C adapter for the C6 pan conversion? Was taking everything apart today and realized I never ordered one as I was removing the bolts. Let me know when you get a chance.

    Merry Christmas,

    SSRNoir ·
    Joe, Thank you for lending me the parts for my fix. I need to send the bolt and washer back to you but find 2 different addresses...San Diego & San Marcos. Which address should I use? Thank you.
    Double-L ·
    I hope you still get this and doing ok, It has been a long time since I have heard anything from you, I need some info but making sure you are there and ok first
    Vix ·
    Hey Joe, Happy Holidays, it's Vix.... was wondering if my mechanic can change the computer programming that you set up? I don't think he would mean to, but in resetting the oil and so forth, maybe the other got changed. I am not feeling the kick into second since it's been back. He put on the sway bars and shocks from AZ Mike... plus the normal check up stuff. Thx
    SSRNoir ·
    Joe, I have a software mod that I need to review with you if you can. Could you send me an e-mail address outside SSRFanantics so I can attach a private how to guide? I am trying to see if there can be software changes to accomplish an a/c problem I have.

    Thank you.
    Wicked Stick ·
    Joe it is about time for me to come to Carlsbad for the supercharger. We talked in Flagstaff about the 2300. Told you if I could I would come out in Feb to install. You gave me some pricing but there were several things you said you do when you install that no one else does??? We talked about putting her on a dyno first to see what she has and after to see what difference the supercharger made. Give me an idea of what I will spend. You mentioned the extended warranty and other things I can't remember you may not either. Never the less think of all I will need and let me know the $$$ and what Feb looks like for you. The only date not good for me is Feb 6. G
    RLCulster ·
    Hi Joe:
    I will be at the Arizona Tech Session and will need to order a LC32 xmember kit from you to be installed there..
    Robert Culley
    RLCulster ·
    Please, would you keep me in the loop, on any "Tech Sessions" that you may put on in the future on Programming, engine Cam, Superchargers, and performance stuff..
    Your Friend, Robert Culley, RLCulster"
    Wicked Stick ·
    Joe did you have a chance to check the specs of my cam to see how it would work with the 2300. Still love the Tune you did in flagstaff. If you need the specs again let me know I am getting close... Hope you had a good If you don't remember Black 06 one of the first you tuned in Flagstaff the one another tuner had botched.
    2005SSR6Speed ·

    Give me a call tomorrow and we can go over all your questions in detail. Anytime after 8 am is good for me.

    Joe (760) 522-8669
    Jerry ·
    Hi Joe, this is Jerry in Las Vegas.

    We want to do some work on the 2004 5.3.

    1) Cam upgrade for the existing Magnacharger that we installed at 25,000 now 105,000 with no problems. Do you have a recommended BOM.

    2) Do you have a pulley upgrade for this setup? If so please provide BOM.

    3) If we upgraded to the TSV2300 what kind of RWHP numbers will we expect to run with 9 PSI.

    Thank you in advance for the information.
    2005SSR6Speed ·
    The Remanufacture (disassembly and rebuild) usually cost about $250.00-$500.00 depending on what is needed plus the shipping (about $100.00 each way). That would get you a 1 year warranty on the supercharger.

    They are built to last about 100,000 miles. They come new with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty.
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