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  • Joshvette ·
    Dave, I believe there's only two brands that even make long tube headers for the SSR, Kooks and someone else I can't remember the name right now but I bought some Kooks a while back and have not yet installed them but still plan too. The fit and finish is top notch and from my research the install with the kooks is much better fit then the other brand. I think the other brand is OBX ??

    I got mine at Maryland Speed on sale for $700 shipped. I had no problems with Maryland but others on the forum have not had great stories to tell about them. just fyi.

    Rich & Deb Reints,silver with hockey stripe,i see i made a mistake on ph no should be 319-239-1493,we met at the Bradley Rallys
    Achias · ·
    Are you going to Cordova this weekend for Super Chevy Days? Ilsa's not home yet, so I'll have to miss.

    Achias ·
    I didn't know about the rally in Springfield, but that's probably a little to far away for me. i'll pick out a nice one and put your name on it. If nothing happens soon in the way of meeting, I'll mail it. May I have your address again?

    Flying Dog ·
    Hey Dave,
    Yes we are all doing fine and hope you both are too. I know Ilsa is doing very well again.
    Yes I would love to have one of Ilsa's pistons. I would display it proudly in my office.
    Are you going to the rally in Springfield? If so, we will see you there and you could bring the piston. Otherwise, I would pay the postage if you let me know how much it cost for you to mail it.
    Achias ·
    I don't have a good clip, but I can tell you that when I first had them on, it was without cats and with 5" tips. I got very self-conscious about the sound being too loud for driving in town, so I had high-flow cats put on. Now I feel that it's just right. She growls at part throttle and absolutely roars at full throttle. Total cost for the exhaust work including the glasspacks: $400 - can't beat that!
    Bca8ball ·
    I noticed your post about having glasspacks on your R; do you have a sound clip you could email to [email protected] I currently have a StainlessWorks system and I have been considering putting some glasspacks on instead of the current mufflers.

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