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  • BC Pacific ·
    I upgraded my membership last week to a lifetime membership do I need to forward the PayPal receipt to someone to upgrade my account?
    HUAW ·
    Wondering if I have to request the ROTM banner for my Avatar or it gets put up automatically when you have time? Thanks for all you do!!!
    yellow bear ·
    Ok, since my last msg, I have been "bombed" with Truvia Ads while trying to add at least a "smiley icon" to a reply to a post!!!! WTF !!!! I did not plan for this inconvenience. I LOVE THIS FORUM....but....I can be JUST a visitor if you LIKE....
    Best Regards, Fuji
    yellow bear ·
    Please tell me how to NOT have to see the Ads from Truvia, etc, every time I open another Thread or try to continue with a response, I did not subscribe as a lifetime to have to be inconvenienced by all these Ads. You folks MUST have a Filter that my MemberShip will provide Me with Not to have to be INTERRUPTED in my cruising this site. True, I started lurking the Site in late '05 and did not join until '06, but PH and Y have been supporting members all along. Please work with me and let me know how to NOT be inconvenienced by all the Ads popping up...... it's a "deal breaker"....
    Best Regards, and Wishing your Family a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. !!!
    Looking Forward to a New Year full of fun and fantasy for our Fanatic Family!!!
    Top Down & Roll'in!!
    michaelt55 ·
    I tried to upgrade my membership and I get paypal blocking it and my Malwarebytes saying that its a malicious site?
    tennesseecozydog ·
    OK, I vote for SSRich! Please push the button for me PLEASE! Why SSRich because it's RED and he attended the 2015 SSR International Rally. Bob Alexander - tennesseecozydog - :ssr
    ohhawk ·
    Received email message yesterday that my membership renewal is due. I mailed a check in the last couple weeks that cleared my bank on 9/24. Tried to send this same message via the link on the reminder renewal email message but it would not accept it even with the correct answer to the verification question.
    the dutchman ·
    Hello I am Peter from the Netherlands I have send you a PayPal payment for a lifetimemembership I am now a free member The Dutchman here is the PayPal ordernr
    3V1396296JU815400P Did you received it and can you give me than my lifetime membership status
    RedHotSSR ·
    Good morning. Is there an archived listing / photos of past ROTM winners? If not perhaps you would consider creating one. I would like if allowed to create a personal calendar for 2016 featuring all the 20015 winners. Your thoughts and comment Please.
    Thank you.

    "Long may you run with your R shining in the sun"
    elev8ormd ·
    How do I limit my search results to the last year's responses, and not the last 10 years worth of responses. thank you, Jim JOhnson
    Kev in Phx ·
    Could you please fix a typo for me? In the parts for sale/wanted, I put a new thread titled "Original / stock seats fo sale". Could you change the fo to for please?

    CPAutoScribe ·

    Thanks in part to help from the SSRFanatic community, I've published this story about North Freeway Hyundai and the SSR community on Automotive News, a publication that's the auto industry "bible" for both manufacturer and dealer news.

    I hope you find my story accurate, fair and interesting – I really enjoyed speaking with members of your community both online and off.

    Given that I directly mention the site in the story, it might be of interest to your readership. They've already started a conversational thread about the story here, but perhaps you'd consider featuring/linking to it elsewhere, perhaps on your main page.

    Thanks for your consideration, it was really great to study the SSR a bit more and get to know the people who love it.
    jeffty7 ·
    I found a good source for ssr parts (ie: high mounted stop lamp) was on web for 4 hrs finally found at Cleveland power and performance (
    FYI Thanks, jeffty7
    Blue 06 ·
    how do I convert Friends request friends list, the request is there from a user and the circle is checked to accept but I don't see how to make it work

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