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  • twooldfarmers ·
    I did get the decal out of Eklers sent to me via a friend in Cheboygen MI and installed, loks good albeit not as good as it does on your red as the silver for whatever reason does not bring out the gold in the same way
    have been thinking about your departure and I cannot help but wonder if it has to dok with all the unrelated threads of which some begin to resemble pure drivel to me
    what other pure SSR forums are out there for us?
    violet haze ·
    hell-o..this is violet haze (04 UV) i will be in your part of the world Mon. Dragon2u (04 UV) in Warner Robins is going to install a couple of things for me on my R. don't know if you know him. have a good day. Teresa Bennett
    Steve n Mary ·
    Hi there Thanks sooo much for the offer on the cap.If you could send it to 5646 Ransom st.Houston Texas 77087 i would verry much appreciate it.The old girl looks like the mona lisa with a missing tooth without it.Thanks so much Steve
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