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  • HUAW ·
    Hello Glenda, my message was from the summer of 2013. I purchased my current Pac Blue in October of 2013 and have been wearing my PermaGrin ever since!

    You have a beautiful truck and I hope you choose to keep it. Being SSR-LESS really stinks! Been there and done that!

    A Blues Brother,
    388 ·
    hello Glenda
    would like to see pictures of your R as I am in the market and did not see any on the post you answered
    Also did not catch the price
    thank you in advance
    Justin from CT
    HUAW ·
    Hello Glenda, Doug Allen told me that he sent a copy of our conversation to you as well because you may be considering selling your Pac Blue... My first advise it DON'T! At least make 100% sure you want to. My heart has been broke since I watched it drive away on the cold January day in 2009. If you do decide to sell it, please let me know and MAYBE, if at all possible I can see what I can do. The truth is I'm probably not quite finacially ready to take on a big truck loan yet. Just thought I would touch base and maybe I can be one of the "Blues Brothes" again in the future! Love the looks of the spoiler and hood scoop I saw in your pictures. Makes my heart go pitter pat! Larry aka HUAW
    Raul Yanez ·
    Hi Glenda and Smokey this is Raul hop You are filing good , just to let You know that We got the HHR is in black & the SS and so far is being a lots of F U N !! greetings to you Folks. Carmen & Raul
    BlueSSR ·
    I will check with the old man and let you know.

    This is the first time I've ever received a "visitor message" and I almost didn't notice it!

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