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  • Bobo57 ·
    Hi Jake,
    Well turns out the dealer called back and renigged on the deal. I don't know if the negotioation is over at this point as yet. I offered $27k OTD.
    Jake80 ·
    Bob, If you don't mind telling me. What did you finally end up paying and how many miles. I just bought mine this past Friday from a private owner. It is Red (not my first choice) it has 47K miles and my final price after finding an oil leak was $18,300.
    There was a Yellow 05 6 spd with 57K miles and they wanted $27K.
    I have to get alignment and replace tires in next few months since two are old. I plan to also have all the fluids changed and possible tune up. Looks like the plugs might be fun to pull, however I did it on a Dodge Magnum Hemi which was no picnic.

    I agree with you that the guages make it look more retro. Mine has that option as well.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride.

    Jim AKA Jake80 from Hot and Wet South Florida
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