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  • Purple Penelope ·
    I take it your military from Hurlburt. Worked there for 18 years (contractor) before retiring.
    Anyway, there is a guy on Hurlburt (gov't civilian) who has a blue '06 with dragons ghosted in the hood and fenders. He has an upgraded stereo, I believe a Pioneer unit. Its an a/v unit with DVD player. A really nice unit.

    Stay in touch.

    Purple Penelope ·
    Brugger....we have been discussing having the Rally again. It would be in September if so. Call me if you want to get with our group for gettogethers. 850-582-1858

    Sorry for the delay in answering.

    GetBusyLiving ·
    I left Hurlburt a few months ago for wonderful Cannon. There is a great group of owners down there. Hit up Purple Penelope if your interested in meeting up with them.
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