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  • BlueStreak ·
    Are you busy or have you got a minute to chat? No rush but tonight or tomorrow morning would be nice unless you have a more convenient time.
    donnys05ssr ·
    HI Dale. Lynn and I will Miss Pentiction this year. Are group from Washington will be touring Vancouver Island. Four or five days. Ending up In Victoria for two days staying at the Best Western two to three blocks from the Empress. See you next year In Pentiction. Have fun and take care of Kate, She Is a HOOT. Donny Two Shoes
    abadssr ·
    Cash I have aquired a ssr poster . It’s the one with the dark ssr and side mirrors mounted up
    High at windshield and has the embossed seal on it. Was wondering if you knew what it was worth
    tinyssnowplows ·
    Cash, I really need a Carfax so I can decide if I’m going to buy it.
    The build sheet would also be helpful.Thanks, Walt
    Email. [email protected]

    PS, I wonder if you could find how much my old R, #2119 was sold for. Just for. Conversation.
    Cash ·
    Hey Bama
    I think that is one of the problems we have on our forum, is how to easily access Dick's How To One Drive
    I know I struggle accessing it
    Something to do with the PDF's I think, where we really can't post it as a separate Library entity.
    Once you get it, copy and paste it

    Also, Dick keeps updating, and I am not sure whether my folder updates along with him
    I guess you can tell this isn't my forte! HaHa!

    I have seen guys post links to the One Drive, but finding access in The Library is tough, at least for me, and you also it seems.
    Let me know if you still struggle and I will figure out a way to help.

    Bama18 ·
    Hey Cash I was just trying to fix my door handle from the parts that I received from the Dictator, Excellent product but the plastic previous holders on door were broken off, Im in a pickle right now because the door handle won't make up without those plastic pieces. But hey I'm gonna figure out something. I just needed to try and find out how to get to the "How to library"? So I can see some good pictures of the door being fixed. help me if you can thanks.
    Cash ·
    This is why I don't use "Visitor Messages"
    Once you click on them if you don't deal with them right away they sort of disappear

    It might be there.

    Find one of your posts, click on your Username and Profile
    First item is Visitor Messages - and an open box to create one.
    Below the box will be your Visitor Messages.
    If it was a PM it should be there unless you hit Delete and you have to go through some effort to do that.
    LAZY ONE ·
    Hi CASH, it's the PITA again! Can you explain to me how to get NOTIFICATIONS? Had one (1) when I came on tonight
    and after hitting some incorrect keys - it's GONE. The ID of the individual was new to me and not what you would call a
    regular. I suppose it is lost for good. As always CASH, thanks. LAZY ONE
    LAZY ONE ·
    I am so [email protected]#$%^&*( . Messages are received and I cannot access them. Everytime one (notification or likes) comes up
    I've tried to access it and instead, loosing it. Yousent me a message and I don't know what you said. [email protected]#$%^&*
    Thanks CASH for your advisement. Bill - LAZYONE
    LAZY ONE ·
    Well CASH, I've sent a note to LOP requesting the change. I'll sit back and see what happens. In the meantime,
    have you decided on a site to use for my TRICKS and TIPS articles that will receive the most review? WSK - LAZY ONE
    LAZY ONE ·
    Need some help (no a lot). When replying to someone you hit the "quote" button and add it to the screen below. (Hope
    I'm right) However, I find that screen is full of the message you are replying to. How do you get rid of that so you have a clear page? Also, CASH, (this may be something I should know so, please have some patience with me.) I'd like to take
    my full name off the heading and just have "WSK". What is the easiest way to do this? (I know, lazy comes to mind)
    Sorry to bother you, but thanks. Bill P.S.: If you have a better moniker - I'm open for suggestions.
    LAZY ONE ·
    Not sure if this is of any interest but eBay has item 273397379219 a 2006 Red SSR with vin 6B122725 from the Fort Worth area for sale.
    TLC5 in CT ·
    I agree that a couple of sales at the auctions do not establish new market prices although it will likely cause of sellers to up their asking price. At the end of the day, prices usually are determined by supply and demand.
    jhunsfun ·
    Hey Cash, tried to send you a message but not sure I did it right. Still new to the site. I was hoping when it is convenient for you to leave me a text with your information so I could get back to you. I wanted some information about Special Edition 1/18 die-cast SSR's. I was told you know about these guys. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks much Cash-Bill Jhun my cell or text is 408 568-0304.
    Mr Duck ·
    Hi Cash, spotted an 05 at a car lot today, took some pics and VIN number, can't post from I-pad, want me to email to you? Don J Mr duck
    Marc NY ·
    Dale you can call me at work 716-879-5251. I called your number and left you a message to call me if you want to.

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