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  • DonSSR ·
    Hi Dale
    This is Don Evers in Gibsons. I've been thinking about selling my R and I can't think of anyone better to talk to than you. Would it be possible for me to give you a call sometime to chat? If so... phone # please.
    Joshvette ·
    Cash, is it possible to make that detailing thread I started a while back a sticky on the main discussion.

    I've noticed 3-4 topics come up regarding detailing and such related topics that I thought would be perfect discussion in that thread but they were separate threads due to the detailing thread being on the next pages or whatever.

    I just think it would be a great thread to have a sticky for research and Q/A and what have you.

    Anyways just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks Josh
    mikebike ·
    I spotted a red SSR at buylow in White Rock
    no chrome
    owned by Jim Carter I think was the name
    missed getting the S# as it was covered.
    BlueStreak ·
    Hi there. Help has arrived, but I need to be tutored. How do i get rid of the spammers now that they are being reported to me? How do I know if someone else has already done it?
    framirez ·
    Hi Cash. This is Fernando Ramirez, we spoke the other day about the Pac Blue SSR in Florida that I am trying to help my dad sell. You mentioned you have the build sheet. Is this something you can provide for me? The VIN is 1GCES14H86B123144. Thanks.

    Update - I got the build sheet from a different source, so you can ignore the request above. Thanks.
    Cement Bench ·
    Hi I am from Drayton Valley Alberta, we just had a car show over the weekend got to see 6 SSR,s WOW, got me interested in them again,

    Used Chevrolet SSR for Sale: 253 Cars from $10,950 - this one is nice, looking for one now, no red no black

    I have a corvette so not looking for one to try the horsepower but looking for one to travel with once in a while & getting the mail, I am retired,

    there was a guy from Hinton/ Edson Alberta who had a brickyard or a 500 yellow at home brought his other car to the show, and the guy I chatted with is from Edmonton but no name on his car show card, &I did not want to bug him or be too forward,

    going to order the Gnitecki book and start my journey

    thought I would pm you as you are the guru of the registry sort of,

    anyway thanks for keeping track of a lot of the vehicles as they take a journey through the years and the miles,

    Cash ·
    I'm sorry dwight - I can change/edit post names but cannot see a way for me to get to the first column.
    MarcNY is a Super Moderator - I will forward to him to see if he can
    BlueStreak ·
    Can you add an emogee (unhappy) to the thread I just posted titled Arizonason in offtopic forum? I forgot!

    Thanks which ever way it goes.
    bonedoc ·
    since you seem to have a significant documented history of our SSR's, do you have on file build sheets, my
    VIN # 1GCES14H95B120364, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. John
    Cash ·
    Yes - #2231 - it is at Ancira VW in San Antonio - 100k mi - did not have a price yet when I saw it
    abadssr ·
    Cash, just heard that mikeyram traded his ssr in on a Volkswagen he had a black and copper 2tone I think it was a 03/04
    Cash ·
    Send him a PM (private Message), just like you have to me.
    Click on Private Messages (top right) just under Welcome Blackbrd.
    Next screen go to left side (Control Panel) - scroll down to "Send Private Message, click on that . That will bring up the screen for you to input "Dicktator" and send your message
    abadssr ·
    Cash I found one vin last five are 05840. I thinking 03 it's yellow with lots of clear coat peeling off but other wise not bad but looks like daily driver and is parked on street at curb. It's in San Jose ca my neighborhood but owner not answering door
    cmcghee559 ·
    1GCES14H76B123832 Dear Sir, My name is Charles McGhee I live in Allen Tx, I was told to contact you in hope you could give me some background on a 2006 SSR that am thinking for buying..I would appreciate any info the you could pass on to me...i would like to talk with previous owners if that is possiable
    Thank you
    Charles McGhee
    [email protected]
    423 421 1533 cell
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