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  • Cash ·
    Thanks Bill - I certainly can't say for sure that I have them one way or the other. I have not found them with a preliminary look but it would take a lot of searching to know for sure, and then it would at best be a guess. I will try and call them tomorrow, to see if I can't get the VIN's out of them. Thanks a lot

    Bill Ligon ·
    Spotted two salvage SSR that just sold at Auction Online auction in Louisville, KY ending 7/27/2015

    Items # 88 & 89 VIN was withheld.
    Just in case you did not have them on your list.
    Cash ·
    It is the first PacBlue by VIN, although there were 10 PacBlue WD1 Pilots built earlier (end of May) but they have later VINs. Actually this is the first MY2006, after the 45 B/S Brickyard 400's.
    06SSRBlue ·
    Cash I bought 06 Pcific Blue SSR in May 15. Vin#21349. What do you know about it? Any info appreciated. Thanx Stan Cooper
    als-ssr ·
    hello from fl.sold my brickyard 1gces14h56b121304 to a dealer , please i would like to know were it is now please, i got left over parts for it. if new owner needs them thanks .
    als ssr
    RedlineRyder ·
    Cash, concerning the missing door inserts (cups), I don't know when they would have been removed. I noticed the unfinished look, but didn't realize what was missing until after the purchase.

    Does your offer to help mean you may be able to locate them/some?
    Cash ·
    Thanks - last I saw it was for sale @auto showcase of Carol Stream IL - that was in 2012 with 7.8k miles. I can't get you to come up in membership - Top Dawg - anyway, just a city/state and maybe update mileage - I have all the info on your SSR.
    SSRs Top Dawg ·
    Since your logging each of the vehicles from what I gathered from reading through the posts tonight, I have an 06 SSR with last five of 22473. Second owner purchased it a couple years ago.
    Cash ·
    Not an official GM one. Need to go on the Build Sheet Request thread for that. I do an edited version of them from an unofficial site which is fine for my purposes, not sure about yours. If you want me to do my version, send me your email address - [email protected]
    pcw06ssr ·
    Cash, I spoke with you briefly on the phone when I had my 06 Aqua Blur w beige interior for sale a short time ago. You had called me representing Freeway Hyundai and made a possible offer on my R. I was wondering who I should speak with there. I see they have a 08 Cadillac XLR I might be interested in trading for. If you have a contact there please let me know. Thanks Phil
    Cash ·
    PM Doophus - he has a link to a company that recreates window stickers. You need to provide the RPO's that are optional ie BVE Satin Running Boards 14P chrome wheels
    GERRY1940 ·
    How would I go about getting a window sticker like the original one that came with the vehicle when it was sold? My VIN # is---1GCES14HX5B121040
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