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  • Cash ·
    Thanks - My housings were modified by "Sinister" , a Fanatic in florida. He is no longer doing them (cost prohibitive) but someone else is doing something similar (I think it might be "ZZR". He has a web page "Impala Studios". If he is not the one, do a Search and if that fails post a thread on the forum - someone will remember who it is.
    Outsider ·
    Cash, hey there. Just picked up an '04 Violet. I'm wanting to do a blue dot tail lens. I was just going to use the stocker. But after searching and seeing your set up I quickly changed my mind! Ha, looks killer! Would you mind telling me what lens and how you modded the housing to accept it. Thanks,
    Cash ·
    Interestingly enough Doug's started out as a Redline but the other 3 began as Slingshots so I am sure the Yellow is our original colour. Not sure about the rest of the colours though, particularly the blue. These were all built well before Pacific Blue was an SSR colour. The blue on the American Lemans Pace Trucks is different as well as the Blue on the 2 Brickyard Pace Trucks is different again.
    abadssr ·
    Hey cash I got a good question for you do the pace cars have regular paint codes or are they different because of multi color scheme , ie like Doug's I think yellow is original color or am I wrong
    birdmans ·
    CASH:> did you get my birthday wish? Don't know how I found it. I am now an owner. Bought an 03 with 5,000 miles. Tagged it today. The wife and I put 50 miles on it. 10 with the top down, heat on high and 35 degrees. Not really that bad. All options for 03. I have no idea where this message will go when I hit post message, so here goes. Hope you still have my email address? Ken
    Cash ·
    I do not have it in my records, but ran a c/fax and title is fine so damage should not have been too bad. I will post on your thread trying not to disclose any privileged info. I do have it in my VIN Registry and can tell you they have had it for sale since July, starting at $22.9, reduced to $21.5, now to it's current level.
    Concerns - broken SSR emblem, bowties should be consistent in colour, missing cup holder passenger console side, inside of the chrome wheels pretty rusty. Find out tire wear, make sure all chrome wheels clear of rash.
    mike s ·
    Do know if there were any 2006 Aqua Blur, chrome package with 6 speed produced. I would like to replace my 2005 automatic Blur.
    Thanks Mike
    Cash ·
    Hi Tom - I haven't seen it come up f/sale. Not much info on it - was f/sale 6/10 w/19k miles @ MBenz in Westminster CO. It is #137/189 AB's built in 2006 - 3SS w/chrome package
    NM Original ·
    Hi Cash, I am new here, but looking to be a SSR owner. There is one in CO ( I am in NM ) - do you have any info on it? 2006 Chevrolet SSR LS, Pacific Blue Metallic, Miles: 26,361, VIN #: 1GCES14H66B123059 .
    Cash ·
    Go to Forum Page
    Scroll down to the appropriate site, probably SSR General Discussion?
    Click on it, then go up to orange bar, click on Forum Tools, drop down will give you the option of Start a New Thread - click on that.
    Make sure you name the thread the way you want it, because once you post the thread you can't edit the title. You can always edit the post of course
    ErnieSC ·
    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to this Site and Group so I will have some very basic questions.
    I'm shopping for a 2005 or '06 SSR in Red, Yellow or Black. I've seen references on this forum to 1SS, 2SS, etc. Can someone tell me where to go to see the differences in these different codes/models. I would like to get one with all the features available since it will not be for sale. I'm in my 60's and will drive and enjoy it and then leave it to one of my Sons. My Wife already has an '05 Red but we saw it, liked it, bought it and have enjoyed it - but we don't know if it's a 1SS, a 2SS, etc.!
    Thank you in advance for all your feedback!

    My budget FYI is $25,000 max. Not really worried where it is as it would make a good road trip. Would love to have an excuse to go to the Keys Run!
    What I am looking for is a 06 with chrome and carpet that is reasonably priced (can have high mileage) that I can put some miles on then transfer the chrome and carpet to my 2 tone. No real rush and would prefer silver, aqua, black or another 2 tone. PM me if you know or see anything. Cheers!
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