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  • abadssr ·
    hey there Cash just saw this listing on ebay vin 107519 has a joe gibbs option was wondering how many had this . most likely a dealer installed set up where they would send it out after purchase to gibbs and have it put on but wondered if you seen this before
    Big Guy ·
    Hey Dale, I see somebody has an SSR for sale in Kamloops. Private lot on West Victoria street. It was in the Bargin Finder. I think it's at Andre's Electronics.
    pete za ·
    I met you at Pentiction Beach Cruize...Peter here, I have an '05 slingshot, we talked at length about your huge exhaust tips, even laid under the back end of your truck. I know you see a lot of fanatics, I'm in Edmonton tall, slim, balding, glasses...hope this user name handle was gsat, I just changed it to pete regards!
    I08126 ·

    You asked about my vin and it is 19001. Inside the gas cap door is a black on white label with SSR 47. If it is a Daytona truck would I be correct to assume it to be the number assigned. One other thing, my truck has EXTREME MOTORSPORTS on the back window in yellow vinyl script. I took the time to look up information on the race and Extreme Motorsports was the major sponsor of a car.


    Jgrden ·
    I just read your memo. Here is where we are. I considered trading the H# through a dealer to use their channels for financing. My payments are $488.00 on the H3 and my thoughts are that if I was going to pay that much in a monthly payment I may as well have the car I want. I do not care how long the contract is. Throughout our 42 years of marriage, we have never waited until the end to pay off a contract. Since I cannot trade and come out with a $488.00 payment I need to buy one outright but cannot afford these $32,000.00, low mileage trucks. Now I need to buy on the low end, high miles but something I can work with. The burned SSR was over my head but would be considered for a project car at the $1,000.00 and work on it as funds permit. This one #320590444507 would be perfect if I could low ball the seller and buy it for $5,000.00. I could get a small bank loan to cover me.
    We had to sell the other R to pay off medical bills, which we now have under control.
    El Donovan ·
    Hi Dale: sending you the vin. # of the Mirimachi SSR, (POLICE CAR)Vin# 1GCES14P53B100410. Finally I got it. Hope it`s what you want.
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