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  • darbysan ·
    Thanks Charles. I just got lucky. I was dreading the spark chasing, but was lucky to find the bad wire fairly quickly.

    Glad it helped you too.

    Askani ·
    Hi Charles,

    I'm in Miami, right by Miami-Dade Community College actually. Noticed you're in Cape Coral. We are, unfortunately or fortunately, one of those people who owns vacant land in your lovely city. I've had the truck for a few years now and have never really interacted with the Florida Chapter yet other than a few emails here and there. Hopefully we'll run into each other somewhere down the line :)

    HUAW ·
    Hello Charles, Thanks for touching base and thanks for the compliment about my Pac Blue ! No, my pipes are not functional. I just thought they looked so cool when a saw a set on a "R" in Maggie Valley last year. From what I understand, you will have to cut holes through the frame to get them connected to the engine... Not something I wanted to do. I would imagine someone has though. I suggest making a post and I'm sure you'll get some information.

    Thanks and good luck! That would be a sweet project!
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