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  • Autoprof ·
    Thanks -- I like a little bling but sometimes less is more!
    I removed the front half (leave rotor and stator in back half), because the stator is solder to rectifier assembly - I had to tape off though each of the slots. I did take some picks of the process, I just haven posted them. I was kind of waiting for a inquires and to determine what I do with accessory bracket and water pump
    I can post a thread with pics sometime this weekend - If you think there is a need
    Texasbaehr ·
    Made from polycarbonate sheet. Has foot that slides under console and Velcro holds it to side of console. Mounts in front of broken oem clip.
    KYSSR2 ·
    I still have the one that has a little scuff in it, 100+ shipping, not sure were your located but the most expensive it can be to ship is 13 via flat rate box. MY ZIP CODE IS 40223
    Go N BYBY ·
    Hi Dave,

    I will keep that in mind, I am trying to sell them as a set but if the first guy only can take two I will PM you and work something out, Thanks for the PM.
    6sp Tweety Bird ·
    balanced, alignment, taxes, etc out the door - $1386. Base for fronts was 223.63, rears 318.69. Are you making it to Savannah? Only two day drive.
    Gary G ·
    Here's my Paypal ID: [email protected]

    Also, I can send an invoice via Paypal , which might be easier and more seamless. Just send over your home email address and I'll process it.

    pard ·
    Dave I went with 295 40 20 stock rear and 255 50 19 front 1in taller they fill the fender wells but do not rub I called 4 suppliers in state only one even cared to help find tires I even called with all info from fanatics all they could locate is what I went with wanted local in case trouble muffler city
    6sp Tweety Bird ·
    I'm from WoodRiver grad '63. Best buddy in Hershey restored '49 chevy w 6.0L auto from a Danali. I'll be back there around Jun 30th. Maybe look you up. Also neighbor in Wood River has collection of pre fiftys John Deer. I am really enjoying my '05 Slingshot Yellow 6 speed.
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