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  1. 10,000 posts

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    WOW, and this is my 100!!!
  2. The Word Association Game

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  3. New Owner

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    Hi welcome, Lake Havasu is a great place to cruise your R. Enjoy it and your drive home.
  4. New SSR owner in GA

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    Welcome from Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.
  5. VALENTINE RUN February 17 2018

    Sounds fun, will be in Yuma, AZ
  6. Under the Hood Needs Cleaning..Suggestions

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    WOW, I'm going to try that on my old motorhome engine compartment. Like the idea the Black Magic adds protection.
  7. Windscreen - any good?

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    Hi have a plexiglass wind screen, much better than the mesh that came with my car. We took the mesh out and cut the plexie to fit. Works well.
  8. Texas Bound Please Read

    Non-SSR Garage
    Opps, I cant upload photos on here, sorry.
  9. Texas Bound Please Read

    Non-SSR Garage
    New Mexico just got new Chile plates, bought 4, says we are the Chile capital of the World. Don't have any extras yet, but will see what I can do. This is off my 4x4 van.
  10. The Word Association Game

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  11. Iggie seat covers

    Customization and Modifications
    They look like they could of been stock, very nice addition of color.
  12. Roger Lewis Passed Away aka Sharptoys

    So sad, condolences to the family.
  13. #15 of 25 has new home

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    Welcome Steve, from New Mexico. Love the color.
  14. Type of motor oil?

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    A lot of good advice here, doing my first oil change, (since I've been it 's caretaker, 13,500 miles currently) and going to see what my local auto store recommends. Leaning towards Amsoil 5w30. Never thought the filter choice was a big deal, till I read this. Growing up, to save money, I...
  15. Late registration

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    Hi there Frank Brightwell, can't find you on here to PM so, hope you get this. I am mailing in my registration tomorrow, from Albuquerque, so I think you will get it by the deadline. We have been on a 3 week trip East of the Mississippi, and just returned. Was not sure if plans would allow us...