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  1. Woodward Dream Cruise 2019

    SSRFanatic News
    Just returned from the woodward dream cruise. Best time ever with our 2004 Black 70,000 miles on her all stock SSR. Never had a problem with over heating in 88 degree weather. What a sweet ride. Only saw 5 SSR's during the cruise. You guys that didn't show really missed it. Wow what a show &...
  2. More Horsepower

    SSR Technical Discussion
    What is the most economical way to add 100 hp to my 2004 5.3
  3. 3.73 Gear Club, Who's still In???

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Love it just the way it is 373(y)
  4. New Owner

    New Member Section
    Welcome from Michigan. Enjoy your SSR and this site.
  5. What Did You Do With Your SSR Today?

    SSR General Discussion
    Waxed it again. it seems to rain every other day here in Michigan.
  6. New Member

    New Member Section
    Welcome from Michigan. I also have a black 2004. Just love it. you will love this site.
  7. Woodward cruise

    Great Lakes
    Hey buddy, we are going on Aug 16 staying at Baymont by Wyndam in Ferndale.
  8. Helo HE875 Wheels

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Do you still have them? I live in Michigan by Kalamazoo.
  9. Woodward cruise

    Great Lakes
    Reservations already made. Can't wait
  10. New member from West Michigan

    New Member Section
    Michigan Welcome to SSR Fanatic. WE are in SW Lower Michigan. Little town about 30 mi west of Kalamazoo. Nice to see another Michigander..:black:
  11. Changing wheel size on Front

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    What wheel & size did you use. Thanks
  12. Changing wheel size on Front

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    Has anyone had any experience changing from 19" to 18" on the front of your SSR? Not many wheel options for a 19" and what fitment problems are there? Thanks:black:
  13. New SSR owner

    New Member Section
    Welcome you will truly enjoy your SSR and this site. Congratulations.
  14. Top 25 worst cars

    SSR General Discussion
    I ran across this article the other day listing the SSR as one of the worst cars ever made. Maybe they didn't have best sales or the most hp, but to me that has nothing to with it. When the SSR first came out I just loved it, just couldn't afford it. I purchased my first SSR a little over a...
  15. Woodward cruise

    Great Lakes
    Lets see how many we can get together by the Ford Display on the 17. Any one in on this.