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  • Dicktator ·
    I have found Velcro is better, get it at Lowes, Home Depot.

    Adhesive back, 3/4" Use only SOFT side.

    Heavy duty type.

    Do the same as mole skin.

    Check "Window Rattle Fix" on How to Library.

    Hoss05 ·
    Hi Dick Thanks again I sent my window regulator in to the company recommended by Mike for rebuild. While I have the door panel off I would like to install the mole skin can I get enough from you to do both doors. Thanks in advance Hoss05

    Ron Goldbacher
    stp4343 ·
    Good Morning, I'm inquiring about the SSR Inside Door Handle Repair kit for a 2005 SSR, if your still doing this I'd like to get 2 of these for $55, I do have a Pay Pal Account. Just let me know what I need to do next. Thanks Jake
    Lewis ·
    Hi Dicktator:
    I would like to order your shift repair Kit.
    Send to:
    Lewis Perrault
    35634 S. 4467 Rd.
    Vinita, Oklahoma 74301

    Please send me a PayPal Invoice.

    Also, I would like to know the cost for the roof hinges you say you have.

    Mark Chaves ·
    Have 2004 SSR, problem when u turn car ignition off, open drivers door sometimes when cold 40-55,radio doesn't cut off and gauge lights, also, window doesn't come down the 1/4 inch, have u any recommendations , looked in owners manual didn't see relay???Mark
    Dicktator ·
    Billl, At one time I put in regulator Part# and it showed me "also fits". Not sure how I did it. I will try to find it. It has nothing to do with motor. We NEED 6 pin.
    Bill Kap ·
    Dick ;
    Did you indicate that the window regulator in the SSR was used in other GM vehicles how can I cross reference the part No# or can you recommend witch other car or truck that would work
    Dicktator ·
    Larry, Contact "Cash" on our Site. PM him and ask price. He brokers SSR.

    His Name is Dale Phone# 250-578-6977

    West Coast Time/Canada

    Larry Dog ·

    Thank you for all assistance. Spoke to Zig @ Cabrolet Hydraulics. He is willing to rebuilt all eight cylinders for a great price. BUT after much thought it's time that I sell off some of the vehicles I have in my garage. If you know of any one that would like this beautiful yellow SSR with all the factor extras let me know. I have clue what I should actually get for the car since Kelly Blue Book does not take in consideration the vehicle itself. 40873 mileage great tires

    Dicktator ·
    Larry Dog, I knew Ed couldn't pull cylinders but I didn't know what your problem was.

    Leaky cylinder?? Oil on floor?? Then you need to have ALL cylinders rebuilt and they will be good for another ten years.

    Cabrolet Hydraulics
    3007 62nd Ave East
    Bradenton, Fl 34203
    Phone 941-756-1300
    Tell Zig (owner) Dicktator told you to call.
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