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  • Dicktator ·
    tgh168, I just got 10 units in. Send me your mailing address and I will send one with insturctions. Cost $28.00
    Send Check to:
    Dick Bellville
    PO Box 14655
    Clearwater, Fl 33766-4655
    Easy install, give me your email address and I will send pictures.
    Mine is [email protected]

    G Man 18 ·
    I have the exact same colour combination on my 06. Is your a 6 speed of automatic. Snowing like crazy up here in Ontario, but getting the SSR ready for a April breakout.

    G Man 18
    paulcars ·
    Do you have any pics of your top stainless grill bar that shows clearly how the top and front pieces butt together? Thanks, trying to decide on chrome or stainless.
    Dicktator ·
    cjm, Where are you located?? If you are close or can get to Autoway Chevrolet in Clearwater, they have two mechanics that went to GM school when the SSR first came out. Phone 727 450-4332 Direct line. Ask For Kim Kovach but no matter who you get, tell them you have an SSR and "Dicktator told you to call".
    They have repaired my top. Most everyone in Pinellas with an SSR goes there. Most Dealers know very little about our R's.
    That said, if you are getting a Latch Relay reading on your CID, it is the micro switch in the roof compartment. Cost for repalcement about $200. Mirco switch at radio shack $1.98. And YOU can fix it your self.
    Call me 727-460-6038 or email [email protected]
    cjm ·
    cjm here. I just turned 73 in Nov. Have had an '05 for a year now. last several months had problems. Had to take SSr to dealer. What a rip off. Am now waiting for them to repair inoperable top. Won't raise. I'm at $600 and counting and they haven't fixed it yet. I need info on a reliable and honest repair shop. Reply if you can.
    Dicktator ·
    Did you check to insure the passage is clear? Send PM to 6.0TOGO, Chuckster, I know he can help. I don't have the leisure of having a hitch.
    docrod ·
    Dick Docrod here. I am having a duece of a time getting the hitch in the SSR. It comes up a 1/2" short and won't lock. I have read the manual and still
    jbackhoe ·
    Hi Dick, I have a new in the box Main fan from Mike in AZ, just wondering if you would be interested in adding it to your "Stockpile". How about $250 and I'll pay the shipping?

    [email protected]
    jbackhoe ·
    Hi Dick,
    Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you could possibly do me a huge favor. I have my '04 listed on the Forum (Great Deal on an 2004)
    and am having no luck. My health is going down hill rapidly and desperately need to sell. I know you come in to contact with lots of fans and thought you might help bring attenion to my "R". It really is a nice one and with the right deal I can include about $1000 worth of exrta parts. I would greatly appreciate any help and hope I am not imposing on you.

    Thanks, jbackhoe
    Darrell Jackson
    [email protected]
    brengraver1 ·
    I'm glad you happened on our table Saturday night at the banquet. This is my first such ralley, and I will be back.
    I got the ignition swith from you, and I,ll keep it handy.
    The experience of the weekend was new to me, and the friends that I met will be on the contact list from now on.
    I hope to dee you down the road. Bob
    6.0TOGO ·
    Ok dick-it is a date!!...i must warn you that i snoore(according to my bride)....i have warned ellen that we might show up together and for her to get a bigger tent....anyway i am getting her to give me the exact address for the gps...we now must determine where we link up and what time....chuck
    Dicktator ·
    Chuck, If you are going to be my "running" partner, than I will go to Athens and then on to Maggie.
    It sure would help me out with room cost and help you to.
    6.0TOGO ·
    Dick-did you get my note about the mileage distances to athens/mv...seems doable to of now we can still be grandson has not indicated yes or no on coming with me....chuck
    6.0TOGO ·
    Dick---this new communication process is difficult for an old fart to become accustomed to....anyway....the mileage to athens from cw is 494 and from athens to mv 144....from orlando it is 454 and 144....not much i think your coming to the farm may be a good idea.....let me know...was good to see you all yesterday...i do not get much opportunity to play during the week....later chuck
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