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  • Larry Dog ·
    Spoke to Ed yesterday. He not doing any cylinder work due to his back. So I'm back to finding a repair shop capable and knowledgeable to perform the job. Any suggestion for the Tampa Bay area?

    04 Bumble-Bee ·
    Need some name tags for Indiana. Mr Bill told me to send you a message and order them.this is 04 Bumble- Bee. First me Don Yeakley then Dana Ewer and Adam Yeakley. If any question call 765-452-6980
    Larry Dog ·
    Dicktator Saw your comments on the Blog about roof repairs and the individual that helped you out. One Ed Borland aka ED in Fl lives in Trinity near Tampa.

    I too live near Trinity and need help . How can I get in touch with Ed

    Larry Dog
    Waldo-Jr ·
    Hello Sir,

    A $15 PayPal payment was made 5 day ago.
    My vehicle is stranded.
    Has the Trans Cable Repair Kit been shipped?

    Xers ·
    Just joined SSR Fanatics and scrolled through some of the forms and notice a couple about the problems with the shift linkage clip. Now just a week later and it has happen to mine. Its a 04 and I understand you have a part to fix the problem. New to the forms and didn't know how else to contact you.
    Thanks Rex Smith
    doc13 ·
    Dictator, thanks for the info you gave me on the in dash cup holder replacement. I ordered,received and installed today with instructions from SSR Fanatic search. You are an invaluable resource.
    Copper ·
    Zainossr said, that you are the ssr Guru.
    my volt meter is working and the both other not.
    Do you have an idea ?
    Thanks Richard
    oldfred ·
    Mr.Dicktator, During dinner at the All Gm show you told me about changing the headlight bulb but, of course, I did not write it down. Can you please tell me the number of the one you recommend.
    I also need a list of your items, I need several things.
    Jonnyques ·
    Hi I was just at my first event in PA this past weekend. Talking to and looking at things people have done, there was one very common comment. Contact Dictator to get one of those.
    So my question, do you have a list of what you have for sale?
    Some of the things that caught my eye were the door handle stickers, door repair kit and the shift cable kit.
    Any help would be great
    jonssr04 ·
    Hi! I bought a silver 04 last week, and have been reading about the ignition problems. Do you have the ignition switch? If so, if you use paypal, please send an invoice via paypal to [email protected]


    sandtrap9 ·
    Hello Dicktator...sand trap9 from Indiana here and a friend of mine suggested that you could let know where I could get a couple of seat belt covers. Any info is much appreciated...Drive 2005 slingshot yellow aka yellow submarine.........
    Trekker ·
    Would you want me to check to see if we can visit the Sebring raceway after the lunch? I know they often allow drive arounds on the track, and even without that, there are some great photo ops alongside the track.
    The restaurant has a huge parking area behind that we could tape off for our parking.
    let me know if i can help you in any way.
    Best regards,
    petergaydon ·
    Hi Dicktator, See we nearly neighbours, I am in Lutz. Purchased my Red 2005 SSR in January and managed to break the inner drivers door handle and found your post giving details on a repair kit. May I purchase one and I can come over and pick it up on the weekend if convenient for you

    Best Regards
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