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  • LawstKawz ·
    Howdy Fellow Floridian,

    Do you by any chance have one of those powerpoints for removing the shifter/switches panel on the center console? My Drivers side window stopped working, had to push harder on button at first now wont work at all.
    SSRFun ·
    Thank you so much for a great day !

    Happy to see you and meet Kathy....all of the other SSR fanatics who showed too. Great bunch of people ...proud and happy to be a part of Florida SSR fanatics. Got a bunch of ideas to keep improving my SSR.
    SSRFun ·
    Hi thanks for being so protective, but you can just use our names. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Busy day. Visited with a vet of Korea and he fought in Russia during the war, had an amazing collection of model planes and stories to go with most of them. Good day.
    SSRFun ·
    Hi gregg and I will be at the cracker barrel next week . ..looking forward to it.
    This might be a good test of the newsletter email list....haven't gotten an email yet....looking forward to seeing you there .
    Lewis ·
    Hi Dicktator: Trying to resume my trip after putting my shifter in Park to make a phone call, I experienced my shifter sliding back and forth and not actuating any gear. Is this something that can be repaired with your shift repair kit?
    VRODnSSR ·
    My shifter cable broke yesterday 07/05/15 and I found this thread showing your shift repair kit. Do you still have some? I know the thread is old but just checking. Thanks,

    Lady in Red ·
    Hi & Happy Independence day! I found another problem that is like the Ignition switch. Vacuum hoses & Negative ground on Battery. I was reading a Chevy Full size trucks site. The ground cable gets a lot of water & debris on the connection points on frame. My Negative post was very rusty with many deposits. My remote entry quit working & was getting a U1041 trouble code. Cleaned it all up. Works now. Then I found a elbow from intake to fuel pressure regulator was decomposing. I went to GM Dealer to see if I could buy one? Have to buy a whole assembly for $35? So went to O'reilly's auto parts & they helped me make up a new elbow. If Chevy had pointed the vacuum source down or on a right angle? No elbow would be needed. So for now. Everything is working as it should? Knock on wood. Now to pay for all the parts. Have a nice weekend.
    RedHotSSR ·
    Thanks for all you are doing to keep us out of trouble. Do you sell the conversion parts to replace/ repair the transmission cable / bracket? I do have a Paypal Account.
    Thank you.
    Chucky ·
    Hey Again Dicktator,
    We came home today and the wife could't get out of the passenger side og out '05 slingshot...I guess I'll take a set of your door handle repairs. Do you need me to send the paypal authorization or do you still have it. Also I would like a couple of ssrfanatics window stickers, please.
    Stealth ·
    Our 05 SSR died on the freeway today and I believe, after viewing the related thread on similar breakdowns, that it is probably the ignition switch. I understand you sell such switches. How can I purchase one from you? Please advise, and thanks for your help.
    Stealth. phone 360 302 1313 or email [email protected]
    bearhawk3 ·
    Have a 2005 Chevy SSR with Automatic Trans stuck in a parking garage in Austin Texas. Gearshift was stuck in reverse. Following your instructions I have disassembled the center console and pushed the silver button to release the gear shift lock solenoid. Shifter now moves, but indicator on dash will not change to indicate park or allow me to start the vehicle. Have located replacement shift lock solenoid and am headed to get part. Does my situation sound like this is the correct fix, or is it more likely to be the shift cable pulled loose from that pesky broken grommet underneath the vehicle?
    Any advice appreciated. Been bent for two days. My email is [email protected]
    Purple Penelope ·

    Thought of you 1st, I need a fan for my '04. Didn't you carry some of Mike's fans in stock?
    Anything you aware of that's available? I have Mikes fan with the shroud and has seen better days. Good thing I have mike's aux fan, or else I'd be up $hit creek.

    Best to Kathy.

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