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  1. 06 Silver over Black Wanted FPR 3ss

    SSRs for Sale
    Now back to the original reason I posted on this site. Wanted 06 silver over black, low mileage and 3ss package with all the goodies
  2. 06 Silver over Black Wanted FPR 3ss

    SSRs for Sale
    Looking for a low mileage silver over black 3ss. FPR and automatic prefered. Would consider non FPR or Standard but must be a 3ss. Thx Ray for mentioning it in your blog
  3. 2005 Slingshot Yellow SSR

    SSRs for Sale
    I was successful and have sold the SSR. Thank you for your interest
  4. 2005 Slingshot Yellow SSR

    SSRs for Sale
  5. 2005 Slingshot Yellow SSR

    SSRs for Sale
    I am selling my 2005 Yellow SSR. I imported the car to Alberta in the spring and have decided to sell it as I have my eye on a two tone. The car is mint, and I have added the following upgrades. Complete exterior chrome package and did the exchange program with Wheel Concepts of California to...
  6. $195.00 soft saddle bags

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I live in Canada so if you still have them will pay the additional freight. Daryl
  7. Build Sheet

    SSRs for Sale
    Can someone provide me with the build sheet on this 05 SSR Vin # 1GCES14H85B115059 I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. '05 six speed

    SSRs for Sale
    Ray that is a truly amazing story and anyone that is a car guy can relate.
  9. Wanted Low Mileage Two Tone Automatic

    SSRs for Sale
    Thankyou for the recent information. I am now adding to my list red FRP with all the chrome 3SS. I was considering the one at Hare Chev but it looks like they have sold it.
  10. Wanted Low Mileage Two Tone Automatic

    SSRs for Sale
    I am searching for a two tone automatic with all the options like chrome package and wheels 3SS. Final Production SSR would be preferred. Anyone know of one available for a resonable price? I would also consider a black with all options as well
  11. 2006 Blue Over Silver Fpr $30,000.00

    SSRs for Sale
    I have emailed Mike, left him a phone message and still have not had a response from him to disuss the vehicle and see if it is still for sale. Does anyone know?
  12. GM @ Barrett Jackson Auction

    News Archive
    I imagine the cars are street legal. Have they been registered?
  13. Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.......

    General Off Topic
    Does anyone know the where abouts of the Brickyard 400 2006 that #24 Jeff Gordon drove is?
  14. Door Sill Plate...and... Pedal Covers 6-speed

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have the pedals new in the box. Make me an offer. Part # 17800251 Daryl
  15. Gm Parts Frustrations

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I have owned three SSR's and am currently looking for a specific colour, auto etc. I love the SSR and would have kept the last one, which had a 6 speed std. transmision, but do to a hip injury sold the vehicle. After reading this thread I am asking myself; am I crazy to even consider buying...