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  • poppa ·
    Explain to me how the membership fee benefits the members of this site? I believe it goes into the pockets of the site owners who care nothing about cars on less SSR's Their primary concern is generating income.
    Flassh ·
    Hi, Mario

    I'd be glad to share info. Too much to do by email. No trick photography. I also had #23, sold it shortly after #12 got here.

    You can call me at 250-490-7676, or send me a phone number by message and I'll call you back.

    Also email is [email protected]

    mario ·
    Hi Flassh,
    I read about that Gibson guitar that came with # 12. I have number 13 (Los Lobos tour). Is this trick photography or is that another signature next to it?

    I heard you know the where abouts of the original signature 25 (or ? 27 noted on the production list on this site). Are you interested in sharing?

    I'm also interested in selling mine (won't have space to store soon [~5400m otherwise mint]. Is it worth anything?

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