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  • Achias ·

    I haven't seen you for awhile, so I hope that things are going well for you, your wife, and your R. I kept all of the parts from Ilsa's recent engine rebuild, and I thought that R owners might like a piece of one as a paperweight (or something). You are the first person that I thought of; so, would you like a piston (and attached rod) to have sitting around in that cool workroom of yours with all of the SSR stuff in it? I've cleaned them all up, and I put a couple coats of clear lacquer on the ones that I'm keeping (a good one and the burned one). I could either hang on to it for the next time we meet, or I could mail it - it shouldn't cost too much. Are you interested?
    Flying Dog ·
    I'm sure we will see you sometime this year. We are going over to Maggie Valley, NC in May. Its a nice trip and a lot of fun. Check out the Southeastern activities thread.
    Flying Dog ·
    No idea who that was in the Indy SSR. We are getting ready to go to Maggie Valley in about 2 1/2 weeks. The city has our street torn up with new storm sewers & then new sidewalks. We can't use our garages or drive till about June. My SSR is in our son's garage so we can get it out for our trip.
    How did you like China and the other countries on your trip?
    flynSS/R ·
    Ron, We where out checking the flooding on Sunday and got passed by a Red Indy 500 pace car, driven by a blonde gal. Any idea who this might be?
    Still have not got the R out of storage yet. Just got home from a 3 week trip to China, S. Korea, and Japan and then with this weather we have had since we got home, I see no hurry to get her out.
    rogerdoger ·
    Hi Ron, we can't have a cruise to Ted's Garage this year, if you saw the news a fire gutted the place sunday night, :(
    Flying Dog ·
    Hi Jake!

    My stripes are painted on with a couple of coats of clear over them. I designed them and had a local hot rod shop do the paint. I almost went with vinyl, but couldn't work out the compound curves over the rear deck to tailgate on my computer. I knew it could be taped out exactly how I wanted, so I went with paint. I'm happy with the paint & clear, but it cost near $1500 by the time I was done. I hope this helps.

    Good luck!
    Jake80 ·
    Hello Dog,

    I am a new owner of RED 05 SSR located in South Florida. I noticed in your signature the stripes on the hood. Can you tell me if these are painted or vinyl. If vinyl where did you get them. There is a local sign guy that does wraps and he wants $350 for something close to the design you have.

    Thanks, Jake80
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