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  • AUTOMAN45 ·
    Hey Frank you going to Maggie valley. My son and I are going down early on May 18 th. Let us know maybe go down together. Thanks.
    Frank Jourdan ·
    Still can't get top problem solved. Checked switches, checked for frayed wires. Top locks to windshield but the roof tonneau cover dosn't lock , giving me a top ajar warning bell. Can you lock the cover with the cables ? Just want to get rid of the warning right now. Going to have to take it to a dealer later.
    Dicktator ·
    Frank, Common problem. Spline won't allow tool to seat. Tap on tool while in holding in position, NOT HARD, only "C" clip holding shaft. Can hit to hard and damage retainer on top of motor. Pin/Shaft should only move about 1/4" at best. Once you do that, you will be able to turn latching mechanism. If you want to see what is up there and not a bad idea. Remove both sun visors, (Cadillac Visors by the way). Once you do that, the center piece pulls down, only clips. Careful to electric connectors to release. Once you get them released the whole latching system is right in front of you. Four #10 bolts hold the system in place, arms release on each end and can only go back one way. This should give you a visual as to why it is not moving. You should be able to latch and unlatch the assembly.

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