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  • USASSR ·
    Hello Gregg, my name is Tom. I live in Birmingham and own a 05 R with 9000 miles. Looking for other owners in Alabama to get together and share there love of cars. Next time any R’s get together please let me know.
    bugman56 ·
    Hi, I don't have enough posts for a pm yet. I am interested in the hood trim in painted or gel coat with Chevrolet on it. I need to know payment options. You can pm me. Thanks, Ray
    yes side markers are LED's I got from you.
    I did not buy taillights as I already had them and the new flasher unit some time prior
    Joshvette ·
    Ok, so the only people who have had issues with LED front turn signals were people who did not replace the front side markers with LED's as well.

    Did you replace the front side markers with LED's??

    Did you buy the entire LED kit or just a few lights?? sorry memory is shorter then it used to be. ;)

    JETGG04ssr ·

    What date are you staying at the hotel? We had talked about just Friday but getting ready to book so we thought we better check first to be sure we had all of the days right.

    Thx! GG (aka Marge)
    JETGG04ssr ·
    Hello there! We are getting ready to sign up for our first rally. Just wanted to get everything installed that we needed. Back in touch shortly!

    YellowJet & GG
    bettertree ·
    Congratulations on the win it is beautiful. I have thought of painting the bottom of mine that cranberry color.
    06 Blue SSR ·
    Gregg, dad is doing great now. He is getting better each day.
    P.S. when is the next planning gtg in Lynnville? I was remembering it on the 12th of April. Got a newbie SSR owner trying to get to tag along with me.
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