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  • sledgehammer ·
    Did you receive our check from Rex Sledge (sledghammer) you are showing not paid. Also can we pay the $10.00 for the picnic lunch when we git there.
    Michaelekiser ·
    Put my wife and I down for the MV SSR Event. So looking forward to meeting everyone. Just bought my 04 silver in August. Spoke to and yay MV Inn so I am ready.
    ssroe ·
    We sent you a PM a while ago and asked if we could have the Roses room but did not hear back from you. The request is there if you haven't given it away yet we would like it.
    We look forward to seeing you both and the rally as always.
    artlemire ·
    Hi Gina, How do I start a new thread. I have a friend who wants to fine out what his 05 SSR with 12,400 miles is worth, He wants to sell it Thanks, Art Lemire
    ssroe ·
    Good afternoon
    Chuck "cj071170" of "Chuck & Jody" and I plan on going to Wheel Through Time one day this week. We would like to drop by and say hello. Will anyone be home Wed? Or would another day be better?
    brengraver1 ·
    Thanks again from a First-timer.
    I hope you have been able to catch your breath a little. You and all your worthy crew ran a great weekend. I look forward to next year.
    The wooden ball point I handed you in the middle of events last Saturday evening uses a Cross refill. Good Writing.
    Gina ·
    Thank You so much for the pen! It seems to fit my hand just fine. Thanks for attending the rally. And yes I am relaxing now that clean up was finished yesterday. Going to a girls luncheon today at a friends house. About the rain next year, well thats a crap shoot for sure!!!!!
    brengraver1 ·
    I hope you can relax this week!
    The wood pen I gave you uses a Cross refill. I hope It fits your hand. Every one is different.
    I look forward to next year (my second of the type ever) and perhaps we'll have 3 clear days again--whats the chance?
    See you next year, and thanks for the work! BR
    XSELER8 ·
    Hi Gina. Please control all of the Fanatic Hoodlums that will be hanging out on Soco Rd. this weekend. Including yourself and Moonshine.
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