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  • sillypuddy ·
    Greg, Thanks for your advise. You never know the right time come about, I'll be down to see you.

    Eddie (aka-sillypuddy)
    sillypuddy ·
    Hey Greg, I am Eddie Schott aka sillypuddy from Tampa area. I would love to visit your shop for a trans. oil and filter change but the distance makes it rough.
    Can you give me a recommendation for service in the Tampa area. Thanks for your input. Eddie
    Medina SSR ·
    Greg, This is Charlie Costello (Medina SSR). My wife's 03 SSR has had a funky shift from 1st to 2nd when we got it at 103K miles. I bought you servo, but have not had enough time to install it yet, but then it experienced a big issue yesterday on the highway.
    She was at 70 mph on cruise control, when the engine went from 2000 RPM up to 3000 RPM three times. She cancelled cruise control and it seemed to behave.
    This morning she said it revved to 4000 RPM just to get it over 30 mph. I believe the trans is toast.
    There is a transmission controller code, but my shop tech believes that might be left over from the anti-lock issue we previously had and replaced the front bearing / hubs. Is this a fair diagnosis?
    If this is also your thought, what would a rebuild cost if it was pulled by me and shipped to you?
    Thanks so much in advance.
    Donaldo7 ·
    Greg: Forgot to say he replaced the TCM and programmed to factory specs. How can I get my crisp shifts back?
    Donaldo7 ·

    Don here with your "old" SSR here in Houston. My mechanic had my to reflash my transmission control module and when he did it changed the crisp shifts from gear to gear to, I would assume, is the original softer shift.

    I liked the crisper shifts and would like to know what I can do to get back these crisper shifts.

    I had to take it in because the fuel pump was acting up and also the fuse box ground wire was causing it to shut down, so he fixed those items. He used the technical info on this website to fix the fuse box.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Still enjoying my SSR with 98,000 miles on it.


    Don Pylant
    Jersey red ·
    Hi Greg . I'm interested in upgrading my 05 ssr auto trans with 36000 miles .I bought the servo kit from you last year and have mikes deep pan but want a crisper shift and acceleration. What's your recommendation for upgrade , shift kit / torque converter? I'm not looking for craziness just get up and go . Let me know what you think . Please send list of parts upgrade and cost from you including shipping , also approximate time and money local shop might / would charge for doing the work . Thanks I appreciate any input Dave .
    [email protected]
    Mellow Yellow ·
    i found an original unused wolfie wing from HARLEYRULES. I sold it to him back in2012 he never used it so i bought it back from him.

    thanks anyways,

    Rich R.
    spook ·
    Hey Greg, Lee Gardner did my UV 04 trans in 05. A while back you mentioned a guy in OK that did tuning. I'm having hot wx idle issues with my 427 in the SSR. Think he might be able to help me? Phone and location would be great. Thanks for any help you can provide. Vr, Lee
    Jersey red ·
    Ok Greg thanks I ordered the ams oil . Having just bought my SSR is there any other Transmission upgrades / valve body kits that you do that would give me reliability and performance for long term . I would rather spend some more now then to rebuild later , also can you tell me how much these upgrades run $ ? I might also go for a reared gear swap what's your opinion on that also 430/ 456 ? Thanks for all your info I appreciate it . Dave
    Jersey red ·
    Hi Greg . I received the servo today thanks , now i just need to find a shop . Any thought on fluid ams oil or other ? Thanks , Dave
    DC 706 ·
    Greg, I have an 2004 SSR with Automatic Transmission seems to be sluggish to shift to second gear what do you suggest?
    duetse ·
    Hello Greg. I have questions about a 4ssd transmission out of a Cheverlote SSR. I have found this transmission disassembled in the work shop were i work. Would it be better to change out parts and reassemble or just try and get a whole new trany. Thanks for being in this group.
    mtr317 ·
    Greg I sent the $38.00 from paypal. My address
    Mike Ryan
    390 Bowdoin Ln SW
    Adairsville Ga 30103
    mtr317 ·
    Greg like many others I would like to change out the servo in my 04 SSR. Can I get one from you and if so let me know how much and how to pay you.
    El Donovan ·
    HI GREG, I was wondering if you could give me some information on the 4L60-E Trans, I would like to put a transmission Temp.Gauge. In my 3 gauge cluster. Is there a plug or access hole to the Transmission. For the heat sensor. I apprecite your help.
    Thank you El. Donovan
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