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    I dont stock them any longer. So i would have to order it. It would be about 5 days to get. I can be reached at 209-575-1606 m-f thanks.....mark
    Joe Schuhriemen ·
    Hi Shadowman,

    I haven't been on the site since 5/10 and I just saw your message. Anyway, the graphics I had done look absolutely great and really make the truck look great. You should get them installed with a bright, red border around all of them. It really makes the graphics pop. Plus, I have an 05 and it really jazzed it up. The graphics just seem to go with the vehicle. I can't help you with the pictures but there is a gal on this sight that did the exact same thing and she has posted pictures and that is where I got the idea. I got the rear spoiler and the chrome overlays on my door handles, the chrome flames on my rear tail lights and the punisher Hi-lite skull translucent decals on my headlights and with the chrome wheels I ordered when I ordered the truck, it really looks spectacular and everyone just stares and smiles. I do too! I was just 70 but feel 40 so it seems to work. Everything is holding up really well, including me.

    Shadowman ·
    Hi, I also have an aqua blur. I have been thinking about the same stripes you installed. Do you have a pic? How are they holding up? Thanks! John
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