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  • shakatak ·
    Hey Josh
    Do I send you the $ on this or did it go to someone else.
    Joshvette · ·
    Just paypal it to me. paypal [email protected]

    If you get it to me tonight or tomorrow I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.

    Basically the shop broke mine and bought me a new one (satin emblem that you're buying) but I already have a chrome one that I will put on my R so I don't need the satin one.

    Joshvette · ·
    It's in the mail. Should be there Thursday.
    David McCanse ·
    Josh, one of the new side amber lights doesn't work. I can't find any of the numbers on the package on the JDM site to be able to order a replacement. I found one that looks the same, "3014 SMD 194 168 175 2825". is that the one?
    BTW, all of the others work great. Can't believe how much more visible they are. Thanks so much for all of your research to put together such a great package.
    David McCanse ·
    Josh, I haven't heard from you since sending you a paypal payment of $180 for both the exterior and interior lamp sets. It's been two weeks. Can you give me an update on the status of my order?
    David McCanse ·
    I'm not worried about it if you've had no problems. As to the posts I'm referring to I'm new to this site and haven't figured it all out yet. When I did my search on replacement lamps there are hundreds of posts going back years and years. I'll be happy to receive your lamps as it appears you put a lot of research into what actually works. Thanks for your expertise.
    David McCanse ·
    OK, I've sent payment via PayPal
    Just curious, but I've seen many post of people replacing lamps and developing an assortment of problems. Is that because they didn't use your lamps or is there anything I should be aware of?
    Achias ·
    Joshvette, you were recommended as somebody who knows a thing or two about headers on an SSR. I'm trying very hard to find a set for my supercharged '03 5.3. Do you have a suggestion? My present exhaust is true dual all the way back, but it still has the stock exhaust manifold. I plan to go from the headers (minus cats) to an h -r x-pipe, to my present dual glasspaks.

    Any advice?

    Knightranger ·
    Hi Josh,
    Just thought I would PM you to see if you were OK what with the Harvey beast beating the hell out of Texas. I hope you are well and dry and your family is safe. L.A> Search and Rescue is on the way to help all those in need.
    I pray that you and your family are not one of the unlucky one's. Be Well
    having issues with front turn signals on both SSR's replaced one set with stock bulbs and everything works again. Side markers still worked. I have the lights set to auto, to front are on but will not blink, or blink very dim so as not to be safe. I did try them turned 180 and they just were out totally at that point. any suggestions/thoughts?
    mtr317 ·
    The lights work great I haven't turned them on a night yet but you can see the difference in the day time
    mtr317 ·
    OK great I got the full kit and installed it your instructions were great. On the flasher I found the small slot to insert the screw driver to release the flasher case and also was able to push the flasher out part of the way from the back with the screw driver
    mtr317 ·
    I think I requested the interior lights also but I short changed you on the kit. the $15.00 will be in your paypal account
    mtr317 ·
    Josh I just realized I didn't send you enough money i only sent 165.00. I want the interior lights also. I will send 15.00 on pay pal or do you need more to cover additional shipping
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