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  • wolfpacker ·
    Oh, I sent a little skull with the plates. It fits on a bolt just out from the engine cover.
    You can tell people that the guy that gave it to said it would increase Hp and mpg!
    Shawala Gouk ·
    Been on this forum for about 15 min. and am having a helluva time figuring it out but I did see that you are in Courtice.

    Our kids live in Courtice and we are there quite frequently.

    On a whim I bought an SSR and started having problems the very next day getting things to open. Main one is I can'r get the roof down.

    I would love to buy you a beer/coffee whatever next time we are in Courtice just to get a feel of what resources might be available to me in Ontario. We live in Mississauga.

    I would appreciate it if you could send me an email at [email protected] and hopefully you can initiate me into the SSR world.

    Corvettetom ·
    Hi Ed,
    Would you like to give me a number my friend and I can contact you at.
    I'm Tom and my friend is Ron. He just bought his 06 yellow R from someone in your area very early this year. On the same street there is a fairly rough red truck there also. We are both going to the CCP Classic Car Auction on Saturday. He lives in Bowmanville and I'm in Fonthill. Maybe we could met sometime and put a face with the name. Ron has no idea what the SSR forum is about.
    micduffer ·
    Hoist the nightie, you filthy animal. Been off line for a while now. Good to see you're still kicking. Gearing up for Maggie. Looks like Uncle Jim will be bringing some female company this year. Not sure he'll be introducing her to you. She'll probably be sheltered bu Auntie Linda and Amy. You can still hang with Jim, Uncle Jim and Uncle Mike though. Looking forward to seeing you.
    SSRich ·
    See your getting new wheels, probable end up truck of thé monte for 1st owner with non original wheels
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