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  • yeloros ·
    Mike I sent you 45.00 by paypal for seat belt covers with yellow ssr cricketman was going to get them from you in Maggie but had to leave early so I sent you the money name joe urspruch 3000 Belmar blvd wall new jersey 07719
    mrbill8140 ·
    this is Beverly
    my husband was a member of this forum for years

    his name was mrbill

    i did not know his password so i created a new member
    how can i sell his car since you took the price out

    or can you transfer this to his name
    Light Show ·
    I remember you Brian but not your last name. Sorry. I couldn't find anything but that doesn't mean you didn't pay. My records would only go back so far. Just don't worry about it, my friend. Merry Christmas!!!!
    Bee75 ·
    Good morning. My name is Brian Sands, and I believe that I purchased the seatbelt covers from you a few months ago. I paid you $40 and you sent me 2 sets of covers. I used the first set and stored the second set. I discovered them again this morning and I wanted to reach out to you to see if I owe you $ for this 2nd set or are we all square? I recall a conversation a while back regarding this, but my PM’s were erased. I wasn’t sure if the $40 was for a set of (2) covers or for two sets of (2). I received 4 pieces total and I want to make sure that you didn’t get short changed. If I owe you another $40, please let me know and I will send you the $ via PayPal.
    I swapped my 1st set with another fanatic here in FL and I just put on the other set now.
    Mike, DEE and I will be up in Warner Robins in a few weeks, I would like 2 armrest covers with the “R” in Aqua Blur. See you soon.
    roylee ·
    I would like two sets please. I will mail the check out tomorrow for $90. My address is: Roy Lee Bell 21719 Long Castle Drive, Spring, Tx. 77388.
    Thanks Roy Lee
    Light Show ·
    Thanks again to the wonderful help and support I got from my new family! The truck is running fine snd I am going to rebuild the chrome alternator soon and then I'l have 2 spares. GO figure! My wife and I had a wonderful time at the Rally/caverns and I am planning on putting together a collage and also a youtube Video. My poster is so special to me and it is going to have a special wall in my garage/man cave. Unfortunately, as soon as I got back from the Rally, I had to continue to care for my ailing 83 year old aunt. Hope she gets into a rehab center soon and that will help the family. Pray for us! Light Show!
    CruDawg ·

    Love the new site name (wish I had thought of that!!) and "Haze Gray and Underway" is totally fitting for a Ret. Naval Guy that loves his country and served it well!!
    Hope you win the Nova of the Month award (LOL)....ROTM award, it would be well deserved.

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