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  • flyboy ·
    Hi Marc: I am a Supporting Member and I am experiencing problems uploading photo's to the SSR's For Sale site. I get the error message "A Security Token is Missing". I have sent several emails to what I thought was the correct address to notify an Administrator, but have not received any response. Would you please check into this matter for me and notify me what I need to do to upload photo's.
    Thank You,
    Bob Dunham (Flyboy)
    Scuffy ·
    Hi Marc, haven't chatted with you in a while. Well, sad to say I sold my SSR, in you help me by cancelling as a paid member. My new e-mail is now <[email protected]>...Thank You, will be waiting for your reply!
    Good morning. I joined the forum as SMOKINA. Have changed to THGRAPE. I was told you were the one to make the change for me. Thanks John
    ProfJim ·
    Prof Jim here Marc. Trying to send post asking for help selecting an ssr. Plan to buy in next 4 weeks. Anyhow, sys would not permit my post. Can you help? /Thanks
    HUNTER ·
    Hi Mark, we are new to this forum, recently we purchased a 2005 SSR, which we like to tow the SSR behind our RV> Can you tell us what kind of enclosed trailer you recommend for the weight of this vehicle. You can also e-mail me at: [email protected] We appreciate your help
    Hello Marc: Say I need to have you change the date from the 5th to the 30th of September for our Hood Canal Loop run! I wish we could change the heading ourselves?
    Thanks for making this change brother! :) Hal
    NM Original ·
    Marc, Thanks for the build sheet on the yellow SSR I asked for yesterday (VIN: 1GCES14H45B114455). Just one question, why did you highlight the build date ( 08/30/2004 ) in red?

    I am new to SSRs, so I am ignorant of any special meaning regarding that date.

    To be clear, I am ignorant about most things and just plain stupid about everything else.

    Thanks again,

    California Flame ·
    Hi, Marc: We are new to this site and new SSR owners. I'm still trying to find my way around. I can't seem to be able to upload a photo of our SSR to be used as my avatar. Can you help. Also, I meant to be known as "California Flame" not our flame. How do I change this. Thanks for your help and we're looking forward to being part of this community.
    SSRBob ·
    Hi Marc, I just posted a build sheet request but not sure if I did it right. Just in case I have a 04 SSR and am the original owner. Could
    you fire one off to me. Vin #1GCES14P94B105207.

    Thanks a bunch: SSRBob
    Would you be so kind and change my Handle from CORVETTE PICKUP to CORVTPU with everything else remaining the same.............
    Thank you, in advance.
    Johnny B ·
    I would like to upgrade my membership & would like to send a check.I have the address as :111 Peter St.Suite700,Toronto Canada,M5V-2H1. who do i make the check out to?
    Johnny B
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