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  • phantomguy ·
    I would like to change my sign in name to phantomguy and retain my current password. Is this someting you can do?
    Meg in Carolina ·
    Are you the person to contact to change my membership? I am a paid member but would like to change that status to "Lifetime"; this site & the Fanatics have been so good to me I want to help to keep the site going. My paid membership is only a couple of weeks old is there a way to send the difference for the Lifetime Membership?

    cajunssr ·
    I would like to ask "RESPECTFULLY", Why was the thread that I began in "General Topics" moved to the way less viewed "Performance Topics"? Did it really fall into that section? Because it was being responded to very well,AND was helping me with the project that I wanted responses to.....
    Roadranger ·
    Hi Marc, Paula and I will be staying in Niagara Falls on the 3rd of Oct. on our trip to Vermont. Jay said I should contact you and maybe have coffee while in the area. If you're available let me know. thanks, Scott
    Marc NY ·
    Everyone: Please send PMs to me rather than using this type of messaging.

    This way they will remain private! OK? :)
    jbackhoe ·
    Hi Marc, I started a thread in SSR For Sale - Silver/Black Custom Paint. Would you please DELETE that thread for me. I would like to redo and start a new one.

    papajoe ·
    Marc,when i click on new posts or active topics it takes me back to 8/07/10. why is this happening? thanks, papajoe
    Marc NY ·
    Sorry there are NO SSR Waterfall badges available. Please place a post in one of our threads asking if any of our members who have an unused one that wasn't installed might want to sell theirs. FYI: They are selling for a wee bit more $$$ than they were a few years ago.
    Vettebob1 ·

    I spoke to Alex and he said I sould contact you. Do you have any, or know of any more SSR badges that go on the waterfall? Alex said you were responsible for having Chevy make up 500 more so time back. Any help would be appreciated.

    PaceGuy ·
    All new to me as well Marc. Getting more detail from or AF admin. should help everyone utilize the new functionality -- should be a postitve when all is said and done -- provided we can get the Member List back.
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