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  • drharryo ·
    I have a 2004 SSR and I need struts for the hood, it now just has the bar to hold it up, which struts do you suggest and also the cost. Thanks in advance. Want to add this option ASAP.
    Dales Classic c ·
    Hi Mike in Az. I'm Dale Nelson, another Arizonan with an SSR. My 2005 has the common problem with the broken wire in the fuse box. Do you know if we have anyone closer than Ed in Florida who is repairing and exchanging these? Dale
    I am tyring to get in touch with you about purchasing a drivers side door latch assymbly, and also a rear deck lid release motor if you may have one also my contact information is email [email protected] or daytime phone number is 770 474-6884, my name is rolly, thanks.
    RHShute ·
    The forum states that you have LST 390 Struts, is that so?

    Richard H Shute
    Auto Imagery, Inc
    5451 Avenida Encinas Ste D
    Carlsbad CA 92008
    760.931.9840 office
    760.685.5527 mobile

    [email protected]
    Auto Imagery | NHRA Galleries
    shakatak ·
    Hey Mike
    Hope all is well, quick question.
    Has anyone ever painted your front airdam to match the body color ?
    spook ·
    Hey Mike I just wanted to let you know your link on the simple eng web page to get the install instructions for the aux fan does not work. I tried it yesterday and today. Just a craniums up. V/r, Lee (Spook)
    Hey Mike, this is the new guy BLOCKAIDRUNNER (AKA) Alan I understand besides the spare kit and the cooling fan, I also need a trans. shift cable & a rad. support brkt. I also heard you da-man for these parts. Can U give me a price on those + shipping. How would I know if these have been replaced already? I hope this is it for a while, Thanks Mike,
    Allan Meyer ·
    I am a recent buyer of a 2004 SSR and really love it, but I just started having a issue with abs and check brake lights coming on. I saw some threads on here but I am confused as to what I should do first.
    roosters d ·
    Brand new to the SSR community. I saw your message on parting out a 2005 about the ashtray. I too need your stainless steel fix for mine (along with a list of other upgrades). where do I get this "fix"? Thanks
    AlbertFlasher ·
    Is it possible to replace damaged transmission fluid lines with braided? If so, can you supply a kit or tell what and where to buy from?


    Newalla Ok...
    dannygolf ·
    Hi Mike,
    I posted about my 05 overheating last week on the forum and have not had time to look into it until today. This is what i found, I unplugged the harness going to the fan and made a switch like you described in a post to me and the fan will run on low and high. so i heated the engine up to running temp and checked the other side of the harness unplugged from the fan and found fire to both hot wires with the ground (black) wire, then hooked harness back together and fan will not work, why am i loosing power when i hook the harness together? Do you think its the fan module and where is it located, can i test it?
    alan ·
    hi mike i have following your posts from the guy from Germany i have a ssr in uk 30000 miles any advise as to what might go wrong ? if so can i buy your ignition kits etc thanks alan i find your knowledge amaxing
    Rad05 ·
    Hi Mike , I have been trying to check my fan operation, if the engine is started
    and the A.C. is turned on will the fan come on imediately ? My A.C pump just cycles very fast. The fan finaly came on at about 210-215. I replaced the coolant
    cap and the thermostat before i tested the A.C, I have been having overheating
    problems and got your message on how to check the fan operation.
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