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  • RG ·
    I'm looking at the White also.
    I noticed that you mentioned that you had a spare.
    If you decide to let them go, let me know.
    My 2005 SSR is two tone Aqua Blur and White Pearl.
    What should I be looking at to do this?
    BigSmitty ·
    Hi Mike, I was hoping you could tell me who made that SSR Decal for the sides of your Red SSR I want to see if I could buy one set from them I love the way they look on your Redline Red Truck.
    Thanks Smitty
    mjanooz ·

    I am in Jacksonville, FL... I want to redo the door panels and seats in the same color as yours..Light Grey or White.. Any suggestions for someone locally, any hints on cost etc. thanks in advance. MJ
    mike in orlando ·
    Chuck -
    We would be pleased if you join us.
    The Rally is Free to All who own a SSR (Except the track which is prepaid).
    All Events, Activities will start from the Host Hotel (Hampton Inn - Racetrack)
    Just be there at the proper time Guests & Visitors are Welcome at the Hotel.
    Chuck I will give you a call today --- Join us and have FUN (SSR Fanatic Style), Mike in Orlando
    chux ·
    Mike, Just read about the rally in the News Journal. I am from Ormond Beach and would love to participate in part of the rally. I already have committments and couldn't participate in the track anyway. Would you please let me know about registering and where to sign in. I have a red 2004, straight stock. If you need to talk to me my cell is 386-212-7432. Thanks, Chuck Dietz
    tomspeedy ·
    Hi Mike

    Been under the weather and just got my SSR running again. Is there any way you can squeeze me into the track package for this weekend can send everything fedx overnight. Would really appreciate it. TomSpeedy
    mike in orlando ·
    Received yours Money Order and its posted
    Haven't received anything from Stan (Shakin8) yet - would you contact him for me?
    I will also send him a PM, Thanks
    Mike in Orlando
    mike in orlando ·
    2pricee -Kathy Price

    We have not received your Money Order as of yet at "Dingbats" address.

    For some reason you are unable to receive Personal Messages (PMs)

    I will wait a few more days for the snail mail to catchup,

    Mike in Orlando
    Orlando, FL
    2priceee ·
    hi mike, kathy price from woodstock ontario canada just would like to know if you received my money order for daytona track package
    GMC T 7500 ·
    Mike, your doors are soooo cool ..please post photos for all to see..What is total height when full upright ? Any downsides ?
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