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  • mikeb326 ·
    Mike, we would love to!!

    We are here now with the kids and heading back to Canada on January 3rd. Love to do the run with ya soon. Are you going to Maggie valley? I'm hoping to go from Florida up to it.
    mike s ·
    Hi Mike are you in Florida yet or still up north. Corrie and I would like to do the Keys if you want another to add to the tour.
    mikeb326 ·
    Julie and the kids usually go for the summer. I usually go for a couple of weeks then fly back and forth as I have to work.That would be cool to meet up in the keys again. I figured that I would not be the only one wanting to do another keys run. The last one must have been alot of work! It would be much simpler to just rent the island and meet up for the weekend and just hang out and go with the flow. We'll keep you posted as to when we are down there again and we'll hook up.
    waysouth6speed ·
    Mike, you are soooo freakin' funny. I could tell you were drunk cause you slurred your typing! LOL! I will be happy to do a low key Keys Run... a few others have said the same thing. Make it out to be a word of mouth thing not an open forum thing. So when will ya'll be down here? Love to you guys! x
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