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  • donnys05ssr ·
    HI MIKE. Hope to see you next year at Pentiction. Mike could you vote for Glen Whaley for ROTM of the month. His red SSR Is In the running. REDRACR. Glen has been to a few car shows with the fanatics at pentiction. If you know of anyone else maybe you could get them to vote. The voting ends saturday the 2ND. Cash and Ray I got ahold of and they are voting. We need to beat the Texans Thanks, Donny Two Shoes
    mikebike ·
    yes you want to change the radiator support to one from Mike in AZ. = Simple Enginering.

    He has many other good items, a ignition swich is a good spare to have.

    you can call me 604 535 9063
    crazycanuck ·
    Heh mike just noticed you on the forum. I just bought the Macs SSR and trailer yesterday. Lots of work to do on this rig. It is a 2005

    Anything you recommend as a must do or do first. ? I am in PoCo just opened a store in Delta. I will get this rig wrapped thinking of starting with the Indy pace car flames and adding from there
    mikebike ·
    I have not had the guts to try Reef/SW I spend enough on the 15 FW tanks I have going.
    I'm finaly having sucess/luck with breeding Bristle nose Plecostoums L144's
    REBEL ·
    I had a reef tank for 15 years 100 in bacement pump up to in wall 70gal. kept coal alive for years till pump died and replaced with cheep canadian tire sump pump till I could get new good pump. the next day I had sushi.... water temp was way to high from new sump pump. ultra violet ozone wet dry metal hilide the works all dry on shelf now.
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