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  • SSRomanesque ·
    I think I got my hood struts from them. I just recently got a 4.10 gear from CARid and a stainless steel grill set from Florida Stainless Accessories. Tuesday I'm gonna get a dyno tune at a local shop, Rome Performance Center.
    SSRomanesque ·
    Hello MTB
    I'm Brett from Rome and found your card on my truck (red ssr) at Redmond hospital a while back, misplaced it and just have found it. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. Someone in a black SSR spoke to me just the other day there beside Harbin Clinic and I didn't even realize they were in an SSR till the light changed. Would that have been you or you spouse?
    Joshvette ·
    They look great at night too, but of course you can't see them if you're driving.... haahaa

    But you can see the side markers in the reflections of other cars and building windows and such. ;)

    Joshvette ·
    Ok great, I didn't know you could push the flasher module out from the back side....

    How do you like the lights so far?
    Joshvette ·
    Ok, maybe that's why I forgot cause I saw the amount for $165 and figured just the regular kit.

    I got the $15 Paypal account, thanks, and only waiting on the Vanity Mirror lights. They say they will be arriving between 11-13th. I'll send them out ASAP and update you when I do.

    Thanks, Josh
    Joshvette ·
    Ok, did you message me about the interior lights and I forget?? if so sorry.

    $15 will cover it all. I'll mail it in a small padded envelope.

    Did you get the Full Kit in already?

    mtr317 ·
    Thanks Greg I look forward to seeing the difference it makes. I have never messed with an automatic transmission, is changing the servo an easy job or would I be better off taking to a transmission shop?
    ZZR ·
    Hi , I see your message came through visitors messages,
    it is not very convenient way to communicate,
    if you could please send me a private message,
    if you find my post click on my ID, and there will be a drop out box with "Send Private MEssage".
    I can make the part, I will need your ZIP for S&H estimate,
    Please send privat Messge,' thnks!
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